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Our Mission

Children Investment Council Mission: To create clinical, educational, arts & cultural community ­based services which enhance the quality of life for children, teens, adults with disabilites and families. We work in partnership with others to create a safe and healthy community.

Our Values


We share a common humanity and we work to affirm the individual uniqueness, worth and capability of each child, family, staff and volunteer.


We strive to create a safe, nurturing environment which promotes trust, honesty, direct communication and personal/professional growth.


We celebrate the richness created by a variety of cultures, beliefs and life experiences. Children Investment Council is invested in advancing equitable services for all children, teens and families and for all staff. We recognize both advocacy and education about equity is important for the success of marginalized communities. Collaborations with the communities we work with informs our lens.


We believe every child deserves a family or support network which can provide safety, nurturance, a sense of belonging, teaching and guidance and connection to the larger world.


We encourage creativity, innovation and risk ­taking to respond to the rapidly changing needs of children, teens, families and community.


We actively build partnerships to strengthen community planning, advocacy and delivery of services to children, youth and families.


We work constantly to improve the quality of everything we do in order to be responsible stewards of community resources.