Career services include developing young leaders through the process of designing, launching and running a new business.

Distribution Center
Safety during winter months is a basic necessity. We provide coats, hats, boots, and other items to community children. Beyond winter, we provide book bags in the fall and other necessities year-round. We’re always seeking donations, so please visit our donation page.

Parenting Training – Beyond Love Logic and Consequences 
Our multi-session program is dedicated to understanding the root causes of behaviors and discover new ways of parenting from loved based principles.

Scenario Arts Projects
Scenario Arts Projects enable teens to utilize critical thinking skills to creatively address issues that are relevant to their peers. Teens involved in this project write, cast, and act in scripts that address teens social issues.

SITP School Expulsion Prevention Services
Our early childhood mental health consultants work with schools and families to reduce childcare and preschool expulsion rates.

Teen Coaching
Certified counselors provide a holistic approach to support teens. Some teens find that our coaches provide an ideal alternative to traditional counseling, as we’re here to listen, not to diagnose.

Teen Counseling
We are dedicated to making a traditional counseling experience accessible to community teenagers. Our certified counselors are dedicated to ensuring that teens are comfortable while receiving high-quality care and guidance.

Teen Empowerment Workshops
We provide a series of workshops that empower teens to maximize their success. Whether the topic is considering win-win situations, collaborating with peers, or practicing self-care, teens are sure to walk away with confidence for life.

Special Leagues
We provide caregiving, specialized tutoring, educational workshops, and social enrichment resources to adults with disabilities.

We provide music camps during the summer.