Founded in 2001 as JC Human Services a 501(c)3 non profit organization providing educational, social and community services to families with children.

2001 – 2004

JC Human Services began research in children speech and language developmental delays attracting the attention and funding of BUFF, Michigan and becoming nominated as Program of the Quarter. We specialized in young children demonstrating speech & language, social and emotional developmental delays and resources to support families. JC Human Services incorporated tutorial services for children with developmental delays.

2004 -2007

JC Human Services expanded services to childcare providers offering clinical services to children demonstrating challenging behaviors. JCH formed a childcare collaborative providing quality resources to increase the quality of care to children. JCH began moving more towards business support towards childcare providers offering small business grants, business support and funding towards marketing needs.

2007 – 2011

JCH received a sub-contract and merged with Children Outreach Services to create a partnership that provided home-based services to court affiliated parents with young children. In 2007, the expanded boundaries throughout the City of Detroit providing home-based intervention services to increase child’s home permanency. This is when we secured our agency to increase staff and operation to develop comprehensive home-based programs. We assigned three parent educators to work with children under five and mental health clinicians to work with parents and related caregivers.

In 2007, our Executive Director Josie Kimball accepted the charge to support the surrounding eastside groups to form a business district proposal. The proposal was successfully crafted and presented to the City of Detroit receiving an award to become an official business district. JCH began exchanges in shared services in support of the Business District. In 2008, a vote was made to become a contractual provider extending Program Management Services to SE Gratiot Business District. We achieved 5 business applications, fasading two buildings and providing architectural services to 7 business owners in the City of Detroit.

In 2009, the Business District under the auspice of GMUC and Executive Director Jennifer Hatchett, Business Owners and Josie Kimball created the Gratiot Splash. Josie Kimball is the sole proprietor of the Gratiot Splash.

2011 – 2014

Our contractual funding expired, the president of our partnership passed away and JCH and the Business District closed operation.

Executive Director, Josie Kimball maintain ownership of the Gratiot Splash and ensured the success of the free festival each year on ARISE Detroit Neighborhoods Day during her sabbatical as a volunteer.

2014 – Present

JCHS garnered relationships of local leaders, civic leaders, and business incubators and carved out a business plan. In 2016, JCHS secured a new name, new mission and new direction as Children Investment Council.

In January 2016 Executive Director reinstated status, formed an Advisory and Board of Directors. Children Investment Council new direction includes Special Leagues,  School Expulsion Prevention Services, Parenting Training, Scenario Arts Projects, Music Camps and Entrepreneurship Programs.

Children Investment Council will provide yearly events: Gratiot Splash, Ypsilanti Splash, Community Parent Shower, Marshmallow Drop, Literacy Festival, Trees of Music and Winter Wonderland.